Priorities & Purposes

Priorities & Goals

  1. Student Access and Success
    1. Create, market, and implement educational programs to meet the needs of our district.
    2. Create opportunities for students to have access to higher education.
    3. Prepare students for their educational goals (i.e. adult and developmental education, financial aid, counseling, employability skills).
    4. Provide student support services to ensure student success.
    5. Create opportunities for lifelong learning.
  2. Teaching and Learning
    1. Ensure student learning and outcomes are achieved at all program levels (i.e. class, course, and program levels including general education outcomes).
    2. Ensure and increase student retention and success.
    3. Re-affirm a commitment which recognizes the need for diversity.
    4. Create opportunities for all within the College community to interact with understanding, appreciation and respect for others. 
    5. Ensure quality of educational programs, learning environments and support services through continuous improvement.
  3. Community Alliances
    1. Expand partnerships with four-year colleges and universities.
    2. Work collaboratively with K-12 school districts.
    3. Develop programs in cooperation with neighboring institutions.
    4. Work with local industry and workforce partners to build relationships to strengthen the workforce.
  4. Operational Sustainability and Excellence
    1. Embed the use of data into the culture for decision-making.
    2. Develop and utilize an enrollment management plan to stabilize and guide the institution's enrollment.
    3. Establish and maintain effective technology in academic programs and support functions.
    4. Ensure the financial stability of the College.
    5. Continue to lead the way in technology.
    6. Maintain a competitive compensation program to enable the College to attract and retain a quality workforce.
    7. Maintain and refresh all college facilities.
    8. Commit to all feasible sustainability efforts.
    9. Insure compliance with accrediting bodies and governmental agencies.

Educational Purposes

In its efforts to be a premiere learning and teaching institution, Carl Sandburg College is dedicated to fulfilling the following major functions:

  1. Provide associate degree-level education consisting of liberal arts, sciences, and pre-professional fields designed to prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate-granting institutions;
  2. Provide business, technical, and professional education that offers associate degrees, certificates, courses, workshops, and seminars designed for career, entry-level employment, retraining, and/or upgrading of skills to meet current and emerging employment needs and trends;
  3. Provide courses and programs designed to assist academically underprepared students to be successful in their next level of education;
  4. Provide activities designed to meet the lifelong educational needs and interests of individuals throughout the district;
  5. Provide services designed to meet the needs of the student population including recruitment, admissions, registration, assessment, counseling, tutoring, career planning, academic advisement, financial aid, job placement, co-curricular activities, and inter-collegiate athletics;
  6. Provide programs and services designed to meet the customized continuing education and technical assistance needs of individuals, businesses, industries, and community organizations;
  7. Serve as a center for cultural and intellectual development.