Non-Academic Staff

Allen, Amanda
Extension Instructional & Technology Services Specialist, The Branch Campus

Arthur, Cindy
Instructional Design Assistant

Austin, Nora
Student Accounts Specialist

Avalos, Karen
Literacy Project Coordinator

Bailey, Michael
Athletic Director/Director of Basketball Operations/Women's Basketball Coach

Bailey, Patty
Financial Aid Assistant

Baker, Loni
Administrative Assistant to Director of Extension Services

Bankes, Melissa
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Bowen, Tamara
Accounts Payable Clerk

Brackett, Michael
Administrative Computing Programmer/Analyst

Brooks, Amy
Enrollment Services Specialist

Burford, Amy
TRIO/SSS Academic Advisor/Retention Coordinator

Burkhardt, Stephanie
Annex Office Manager

Canfield, Rich
Custodian, Third Shift

Canfield, Thomas
Administrative Computing Specialist

Caulkins, Amy
Coordinator of Library Services

Caves, Alan
Grounds Assistant

Christensen, Michael
Computing Infrastructure Specialist

Clay, Margie
Office Assistant, Humanities & Social Science Depts.

Coleman, Barbara
Staff Services Technician

Colwell, Carl

Colwell, Pam
Enrollment Management Specialist

Cook, Rhonda
Benefits Manager

Cowan, Terry
Custodian, Second Shift

Cree, Sara
Coordinator of Institutional Research

Crump, Gaila
Grant/Accounting Technician

Damitz, Donna
Public Safety Officer

Day, Tony
Coordinator of Maintenance Services

Dennison, Todd
Public Safety Officer 2nd Shift

Derry, Kathy
Custodian, 1st Shift

Diaz, Christina
Graphic Design Specialist

Duley, Joan
ALC Records Clerk

Duncan, Carlos
ALC Outreach Worker

Earp, Cala
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Career, Technical & Health Education

Engstrom, Tracy
Coordinator of Career Resources

Fields, Robert
Custodian, 1st Shift

Fones, Candace
Student Services Office Assistant

Fowler, Bruce
Custodian, 2nd Shift

Frey, Aaron
Public Relations Specialist

Friberg, Nate
Academic Advisor

Gaither, Bill
Coordinator of Multimedia

Gengenbach, Nicole
Office Assistant to the Associate Dean of Math & Natural Sciences and Foundation Assistant

Green, LaDonna
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Nursing

Gresham, Marcy
Administrative Assistant, The Branch Campus

Gridley, Neal
Custodian, Third Shift

Gross, Sara
Administrative Assistant, TRIO Upward Bound/Testing Center

Hankins, Linda
Administrative Assistant, CME/Community Education

Hanner, Tracy
Administrative Computing Information Specialist

Hillhouse, Heather
Academic Advisor

Hipple, Jan
Director of Clinical Services

Holmes, Jennifer
Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist

Howard, Jennifer
Evening Office Assistant/Library, The Extension Center

Hunt, Ronald
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the Library

Huss, Deanna
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Extension Services

Inman, Diane
Human Resources/CFO Information Specialist

Johnson, Lindell M. (Mark)
Building Maintenance

Johnson, Rachel
Academic Advisor

Jones, Greg
Infrastructure Services Specialist

Jones, Megan
Occupational Recruiter/Advisor

Jordan, Chelvis
Public Safety Officer - Weekend

Kratz, Michael
Manager, Help Desk Services

Krupps, Gina
Director of Human Resources

Kunkle, Beth
Coordinator of Accounting Services

Law III, Anthony
Coordinator, Minority Outreach and Admissions Recruiter

Libby, Peggy
Assistant Coordinator of Grants

Lodwick, Cary D.
Custodian, 2nd Shift

Lundeen, Jeffrey
Building Maintenance

Lundeen, Richard
Science Laboratory Technician

Malmgren, Lei Ann
Literacy Aide, The Branch Campus

Natalie Malone
Public Relations Office Assistant

McCants, Craig
Assistant Coordinator, Maintenance Services

McCoy, Donald
Grounds Maintenance

McDowell, Ellen
Office Assistant, Physical Plant

McKelvey, Michael
Metal Transport/Building Maintenance

McKillip, Racheal
Business Office Clerk

Mills, Steven
Building Maintenance

Mitchell, Terry
Upward Bound Counselor

Morris, Sherry
Office Assistant

Mustain, Gary
Coordinator of Adult Learning Center

Neville, John
Public Safety Officer/Weekends

Nolan, Susan
Administrative Assistant, TRIO SSS

Nunez, Margarito
Grounds Assistant

Oglesby, Holly
Human Resources Assistant

Olin, David
Public Safety Officer

Pacheco, Adelphino
Public Safety Officer, Second Shift

Park, Rose
ALC Intake Advisor

Parr, Tyler
Custodian, 2nd Shift

Pecsi, Christy
Coordinator of Administrative Computing

Pendleton, Terrance
Public Safety Officer/Weekends

Pesce, Ariel
Health & Fitness Supervisor/Head Soccer Coach

Poulson, Jeanette
Custodian/Maintenance, Carthage

Randall, Nancy
Records/Registration Specialist

Ray, Mitch
Coordinator of the Testing Center

Reid, Pam
IGEN, Adult Transition Coordinator

Rice, Susan
Risk Management/Accounting Technician

Risdon, Baird
Computer Lab Assistant

Roberts, Deborah
Lead Custodian, 2nd Shift

Rucker, Stacey
Coordinator of Career Education

Runge, Jake
Coordinator of Academic Support Services

Schwab, Lynn
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services

Shannon, Dyson
Public Safety Officer, Third Shift

Sharer, Sherri
Custodian, 1st Shift

Shaw, Paula (Chris)
Coordinator, Veterans & Military Services/Financial Aid Specialist

Sims, Stephanie
Library Technician

Smith, Darlene
Executive Assistant to Director of Business Services

Smith, Joan
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Services

Snow, Angela
Assistant Registrar

Staley, William Jr.
Custodian, 2nd Shift

Stevens, Genevieve
Coordinator of Student Life

Tenhouse, Jake
Admissions Recruiter/Athletic Recruiter

Thatcher, Eric
Web Programmer

Thompson, Leslie
Student Information Assistant

Turner, Panda
Evening Office Assistant/Library, The Branch Campus

Twaddle, Ryan
Fitness Supervisor/Men's Basketball Head Coach

Van Fleet, Julie L.
Senior Executive Assistant to the President & Board of Trustees

Wilson, April
Payroll Specialist

Winkler, Todd
Head Softball & Volleyball Coach