MLT Medical Lab Technician



MLT.100 Phlebotomy & Clinical Labratory223

This course provides the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) competencies to competently, perform venipuncture and capillary puncture for blood collection purposes and clinical laboratory procedures typically performed by health care professionals. The student will learn about Clinical Laboratory processes; collecting, handling, and transporting specimens; CLIA waived laboratory testing; quality control; and laboratory safety. The student will learn how to safely, perform phlebotomy venipunctures and capillary punctures. Topics emphasized include infection control, legal and ethical responsibilities, professionalism, and interpersonal communication skills. This course is composed of 32 theory hours and 32 laboratory hours.
Offered: Fall or Spring or Summer
Prerequisites: The appropriate placement exam score or ENG.097 with a grade of C or better, or college placement exam with a minimum reading score of 57.
Applicable toward graduation at Sandburg where program structure permits: Degree or Certificate: AAS, AGS, and Certificates where applicable (1.2).
General Education -- Not Applicable

MLT.160 Advanced Plebotomy1.512

This course provides advanced phlebotomy skills for those students pursuing phlebotomy specific certification, by providing refinement of previous learned skills and advanced techniques for phlebotomy. The student will learn how to manage difficult or complicated blood collection situations by applying learned techniques for various populations: neonate, pediatric, geriatric, and physically or mentally challenged patients. The student will also learn variations in technique and application of collection for specialized hematology testing. Topics emphasized include the role of effective communication with a diverse patient population, special procedure considerations, pre-analytic variables, and the phlebotomist's role in quality assurance and continuous quality improvement. This course is composed of 24 theory hours and 16 laboratory hours. (1.2).
General Education -- Not Applicable

MLT.180 Phlebotomy Technician Practicum152

This course provides students with opportunities to observe, participate, and perform in the functional role of the Phlebotomist in a clinical setting and simulated lab setting. Students are supervised by course instructor or preceptors in a medical office, clinic, or hospital laboratory. The student will participate as a member of the healthcare team. The student will demonstrate safe and effective phlebotomy skills in a clinical setting by performing a minimum of 100 successful venipunctures including specimen collections. The student will demonstrate professionalism, communication techniques, patient teaching, documentation, confidentiality, infection control practices, and compassionate patient care. The student will complete weekly exam review modules to prepare for the certification examination. This course is composed of 16 exam review/theory hours and 80 lab/clinical practicum hours. (1.2).
General Education -- Not Applicable